How to Begin an IKEA Kitchen Remodeling ProjecT: PART 1

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Years ago, we had a Five Steps to an IKEA Kitchen page on our website. It got lost in the shuffle of web redesign but in the past few days I've talked to half a dozen homeowners who would really like to re-do their kitchens with IKEA cabinets and it seems that a basic, step-by-step guide would be really helpful to most.

It is hard not to get excited by the IKEA store displays, the great prices and elegant kitchens. Being able to get a comparable result without wasting money or ending up with half a kitchen for six months, takes some know-how.

As I am writing, a customer who is waiting on some missing parts emailed me to ask if she should paint now, or later. There is a correct (or best) sequence for each project that an experienced contractor can foresee. But without an experienced overview of their project, omeowner can feel uncertain, and thus unable to move forward on a much-desired remodel, for fear of making mistakes that could add cost and, worse, might result in mid-project delays.

As I try to do when a potential customer calls, I would like offer here a simple guideline, a sequence of steps. To be honest, once you've done a kitchen or two, you can guide your friends and family through a basic project, too. But if your project didn't require any electrical or plumbing or flooring, for example, you might want to direct your friend/relative to a contractor for advice on sequence. Or just have them call our office (if they are in the Los Angeles area) or email me (anywhere else) and I can offer some help. No charge!

So here you are, you have just left your local IKEA and you know that those cabinets are for you. You've got the money lined up, the time is right or soon will be, and, when you arrive home, you begin to see hazy shapes of pull-out pantries and six-burner cooktops forming where now exist only some 1950's painted cabinets. It's time to get started.

There are two "lines" that you need to move on. First, you need a kitchen layout plan. Second you need to consult a contractor. Some people overlook one or the other. It is a rare contractor that can help you with kitchen design.

Some of the big box stores, and even some local kitchen places, offer "free kitchen design" when you buy their cabinets (It's never really free). With IKEA cabinets, there is a do-it-yourself requirement that has more to do with IKEA employee efficiency than anything else. You can design your own kitchen. You should get a kitchen designer. Without a doubt.

Our company offers a $375.00 in-home consultation, including measuring service, and including kitchen planning by a professional kitchen designer. I will be frank. It is by far the best deal, the best service, we have found inthe greater Los Angeles area. My point is, however, that you should find and consult with both a designer and an IKEA kitchen-experienced contractor before you buy cabinets, appliances, or anything. I can hardly overstate the value of professional design help, and having a trusted, expert contractor on your team from the start.

If you'd like to discuss your project with me, I can offer you a free, 30-minute phone consultation. Here's my calendar, just pick a time that works for you.