IKEA Kitchen Design Service

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Many IKEA stores across the US and Canada have few design and installation resources to offer kitchen cabinet customers. Often, the store personnel will provide some in-store help with layouts done on store computers. Having installed hundreds of owner-planned kitchens, and hundreds of professionally designed kitchens, we know the difference and encourage all homeowners, no matter the budget they have, to invest in expert design with a certified kitchen designer, rather than invest in the bare bones services currently offered by IKEA.

In order to provide design help to anyone, we've worked out a very satisfactory way of doing a remote design service. Our designer has done thousands of IKEA kitchen designs and has seen thousands of kitchens in his 20 years in this field. With measurements, with a few photos perhaps, and with a phone consultation so that he understands what the homeowner really wants, and what the concerns are, he is able to design as well as if the home were in his neighborhood. It takes communication, that's all. Revisions are included so there is need be no concern if adjustments to the design work are needed.

I feel that one of the best features of our design service, including remote design service, is that our designer will liaise with your cabinet installer/contractor, if needed. This need came up for us, as installers and as contractors, many times. For example, measurements can be done carefully but a kitchen, shown in 2 dimensions on paper, can be a bit different in 3 dimensions during installation. An odd angle, a protruding pipe unseen before the old cabinets are removed, can become problems during installation. We would simply call the designers to ask for a solution and we want this type of help to be available to you. It's really priceless when you need it.

If you have a kitchen project anywhere in the world, really, we can help. Kitchen design can be done via email, fax, and phone. We put our expertise to work for you and we truly want you to love your new kitchen (and us).

If you'd like to discuss your project with me, I can offer you a free, 30-minute phone consultation. Here's my calendar, just pick a time that works for you.


Our company, Modern Family Kitchens, offers an IKEA kitchen design service. We can provide this service locally, or remotely. We think you'll spend the least and get the best results when you invest in expert design. Call or write us to discuss your project. 877-550-1753. info@modernfamilykitchens.com