Ordering Your IKEA Kitchen

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Once you've decided to use IKEA cabinets for your kitchen remodel (or for another storage area, or even a bathroom remodel), you might hit a wall of sorts. The "how-to" is missing for many people.

I often make the weak joke that whereas you can buy a set of plastic bowls at IKEA without expert help, designing and remodeling a kitchen with thousands of your hard-earned dollars is something entirely different. It's really frustrating to us that people attempt to design their own layouts for an $8,000 purchase, when for a tiny part of that budget, they could have an expert IKEA designer work out the optimal layout, best use of space, beautiful design and functionality, and, just as vital, prepare a correct ordering list.

I'm a do-it-yourself, budget-minded person so I do understand trying to design your own layout. But not only can you end up with a lesser result, but inexperience with ordering the right kitchen component parts can start a chain reaction of "remodel nightmare."

IKEA salespeople are well-trained to help you order your kitchen. Bring them a layout and they'll do their best to translate it into a complete list of components. A week or two later, a truck arrives and drops off a HUGE (even for a small kitchen) pallet of nondescript flat, heavy cardboard boxes. All you can do is hope that what is needed is there, fingers crossed as your contractor arrives to start work.

The story is different if you have an expert help you with the cabinet layout. Our designer has worked with IKEA cabinets for seventeen years. He knows part numbers, all those pseudo-Swedish codes. He knows how to use cabinet components, not just full cabinets, to design a layout that will utilize odd corners, special needs, high and low ceilings and floors, and much more.  When the layout is done, we depend on him to put together a precise order list of each part that is needed. Arriving to IKEA to order with a list like this in hand is THE way to go.

Here is an example. Customer Mrs. Marsh finalizes her layout with us and heads to IKEA with her order list. She's excited, she loves the kitchen she soon will have. She knows it will fit. She has sorted out all her questions, concerns, ideas, and concepts for the new kitchen with an expert. She is moving forward on a remodel of her kitchen she has saved up for over 4 years, with knowledge and confidence.

She arrives to her local IKEA kitchen department, breezes past the folks sweating at the computer terminals trying to design their own kitchens. She finds a bright salesperson, hands them our 3D views of her soon-to-be kitchen, a schematic showing all sizes and placements of cabinets, and a complete list of all the parts she needs. The salesperson can enter the data into IKEA's computer system, verify any final options with Mrs. Marsh. If a question comes up (e.g., corner base cabinet with shelves or with lazy susan?), Mrs. Marsh calls us from the store, asks any question, decides, and moves forward. Ordering takes two hours typically, when you know exactly what you need to buy. If you don't know, you can spend an entire day, and have to return the next. I said people sweat at those computer stations at IKEA, but we've seen people cry. And couples swear at each other.

I know this sounds like a scare tactic, driving you readers to call us for design help. Good. That's exactly my intention. We know the difference between an IKEA kitchen remodel planned correctly, and beautifully, and one done without the knowledge needed to ensure a great result.

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