Shopping for Countertops

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Countertop can be one of the larger purchases a homeowner will make during a kitchen remodel. There are many options and brands, but really there are only a few basic types to choose among.

Natural stone, which would include marble and granite.
You can find bargain slabs at stone yards but keep in mind that natural stone is brittle and can crack during installation. Get a warranty and skilled installation.
Average cost: $50-$300 per sq.ft

Man-made solid surface.
Well known brands of this type are Corian and Caesarstone
Average cost: $35 to $75 per sq. ft.

IKEA and other home improvement stores offer low-cost laminates in many colors and finishes.
Average cost: $4 to $30 per sq. ft

Ceramic tile.
There are almost infinite color and design choices. For counters, grout sealing is a key consideration.
$10 to $40 per sq. ft.

Butcher block (wood).
Two styles are available at IKEA and there are other types available elsewhere. Wood surfaces, ideally, should be stained but not sealed because many sealants are toxic can gradually erode onto food prep surfaces. We don’t recommend using an under-mount sink with wood countertop.
Average cost: $10-$40 per sq. ft.

Concrete counterop is pre-formed in a factory to your kitchen specifications. The concrete is sealed but can stain or scratch if not treated correctly.
Average cost: $75-$150 per sq. ft.

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