IKEA Kitchen Planning

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Planning for a kitchen remodel can be a lot of fun. You get to look at magazine photos, search the web for tips and products, and stroll through brick-and-mortar stores, both big and small, to look at stove models, tile, flooring, and price tags.

As with anything else worthwhile in life, the more you learn and know, the better things work out. So use your time in the planning phase to read up on any and all aspects of kitchen remodeling. During this planning phase you should also talk to a few contractors and get a sense of labor costs and timeframes.

The majority of homeowners who use IKEA cabinets act as their own general contractors. This means that, instead of hiring one company, a general contractor, to provide all labor and all materials (cabinets, countertop, flooring, light fixtures, sink, etc.), they buy all the materials they need from stores/suppliers, often several different ones (not just IKEA), and hire either one company to provide all the labor or, quite common, they do some themselves and hire plumbers, tile setters, cabinet installers, etc., as needed. This last is often the best way to go but it requires real knowledge and excellent planning.

As I've written elsewhere, unless you have a very limited budget, the best way to move your project forward design phase is by getting some expert help with the layout of cabinets.  The limitations of the free IKEA kitchen planner become the limitations of your new kitchen. Our company offers a very affordable and very comprehensive expert IKEA design service. The guidance and expert help you will receive, along with custom design, will transform your project, and your finished result.

Once your cabinet layout or kitchen design is finalized, you can work out the true costs of your project.  It is much easier to get an accurate bid from a contractor when you have the layout done. A well done layout becomes the foundation from which electrical work, plumbing work, wall changes, any window and door work, and flooring installation can be priced out. Also your other materials, not just cabinets, can all be figured out from the layout. For example, if you are installing cabinet lights, how many fixtures will be needed is one cost. How the electrical will be run is another.

(Tip: make sure you let your contractor know that you will be wanting cabinet lights before the cabinets are installed. It's a lot less time consuming to wire for cabinet lights before the cabinets are installed).

Use our free eBook (http://mfkp.wufoo.com/forms/free-ebook-request-form/) to ensure your planning includes an accurate prediction of the costs involved in your project. Get expert help with the kitchen layout to save yourself the stress and expense of design errors. Interview contractors by showing them the layout you have worked out. The contractor can then compare what you now have to what you want to have, and can then list out the services that have to be provided to you in order to prepare the kitchen (including demo, wiring, wall repair and other work), install the cabinets and other items (e.g. sink, appliances, light fixtures), and finish with paint and cleanup.

Get a timeline from the contractor as well. If you want to order your cabinets and appliances from IKEA during a kitchen sale, work out the best time to order so that delivery concurs with the contractors timeline. Save some time to clear out your kitchen cabinets before the work begins.

If you'd like to discuss your project with me, I can offer you a free, 30-minute phone consultation. Here's my calendar, just pick a time that works for you.