What If You Don't Live Near an IKEA Store?

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If you have been dreaming of an IKEA kitchen of your own, but live hours from any IKEA store, it might seem unavailable. But recently, IKEA got their online shopping feature working much more effectively and, with some help, anyone can buy the materials for an IKEA kitchen remodel.

Living 2 or 3 or 5 hours, or more, from an IKEA makes the planning and design phase even more crucial. As the owner of a remodeling company, I saw how common it was for the skilled guys on a job to need to run to Home Depot every day, sometimes more than once. This always frustrated me because it wasted time, and cost the company money. I always thought that the crew and the foreman should be able to predict parts that would be needed ahead of time. Or stock up on various sizes of dishwasher hose connectors and other such things.

A homeowner who plans to do an IKEA kitchen in a rural area, far from IKEA and perhaps far from a hardware store, has to have this PARTS issue figured out. You will want to have EXTRA PARTS on hand so that your project doesn't get stopped for lack of something. This is not hard to do with screws, nails, tile, flooring and paint. But the components of an IKEA kitchen, meaning cabinet components, are not all equal and some are more likely to come up missing during a remodel.

In this scenario, good design is even more vital. All the layout issues must be worked out before you order. The order itself should include certain extra parts. Each kitchen is different so I can't specify which parts, but you do want some extra hardware, some extra frame pieces, more than enough trim, and, sometimes, an extra set or two of doors.

During installation, it can happen that what looked perfect on paper, doesn't work, or doesn't look the way you want it to, in 3D, in an actual kitchen. You want to be able to PREDICT these things and have the parts to execute alternate solutions.

Here is an example: During installation, it turns out that the refrigerator you bought is taller than you thought. Or the floor in the fridge part of the kitchen is 1/2 higher than on the stove side. The 24 inch high over-the-fridge cabinet doesn't fit. The fridge cabinet is the first wall cabinet to be mounted because it sets the height for the rest of the wall cabinets. You are stuck at this point, because in almost every case, although the cabinet frame can be cut down in height, IKEA cabinet doors cannot be cut down without a serious degrade to their appearance and durability.

A smart designer (that's us!) will do all he/she can to predict such things on any project but when it comes to homes that are far from an IKEA store, extra care is taken in this matter.

Finally, you can always return extra parts that you didn't use (didn't take out of the box). And most single cabinet components are pretty inexpensive anyway. Probably, most people would rather spend an extra $40 or $100 on extra parts, than be without a kitchen for an extra week or two awaiting a delivery.

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