Working with IKEA Kitchen Professionals

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An IKEA kitchen remodel is a bit of an oddity compared to the typical kitchen remodel.  You can spend 1/3 or less and get a comparable result using IKEA cabinets, but you need a lot more knowledge to get results as beautiful as those IKEA display kitchens, to stay within a modest budget and to have a calm remodeling experience.

The majority of single family home kitchen remodels in the U.S. are done by a contractor who supplies the cabinets and other materials. Often, a homeowner hires a kitchen cabinet company, perhaps choosing cabinets and/or appliances from their showroom and catalogs, and the store’s employees or an affiliated contractor do the design and labor. Sometimes the design service is free, but of course you pay for it in the price of the cabinets. That cabinet price is typically three times the price of IKEA cabinets for the same layout, although quality is often comparable. Per Consumer Reports data, IKEA cabinets rank higher than many brands that cost much more. 

With IKEA kitchens, homeowners see the store displays and when it comes time to remodel their kitchens, they know what they want, cabinet-wise. But IKEA stores provide only minimal design help and customer support. Homeowners are expected to design and to figure out the process on their own. Most IKEA stores have installers they can refer, and sometimes a designer you can hire, but these are often are bare bones services, often impersonal and rushed, and the rates are not lower, but often higher, than other expert service providers.

I can often help a reader locate a designer or contractor but I especially want to point out the significant benefits of working with an expert when planning and designing your project. Although there is free software online and in IKEA stores for designing your own kitchen layout, if you are going to invest many thousands of hard-earned dollars in a new kitchen, a small fee paid to an IKEA kitchen design expert is the intelligent way to proceed. 

What are the benefits of working with a professional IKEA kitchen designer?

1) You plan your project with the expertise and foresight gained from hundreds of similar IKEA kitchen projects completed by the designer.

2) You get insider, detailed knowledge of IKEA cabinets and related products.

3) Your designer knows how to customized IKEA cabinets for irregular spaces or special requirements. You are not limited to stock sizes in designing the perfect layout for your new kitchen.

4) You have ongoing, expert support from planning through completion.

5) You have a design liaison to your installation contractor.

6) Your IKEA ordering experience will be easier and faster. A comprehensive IKEA order list will be compiled and reviewed by your designer before you order. You will have special instructions for the store for any customized cabinets in your layout (which require detailed knowledge of component parts).

Professional assistance is especially crucial for clients who live far from IKEA stores. Your designer will help ensure the materials you order will allow for adjustments needed or wanted during installation, avoiding mid-project delays.

Sometimes there may be no truly qualified IKEA design professional in given area or city, but designers who know their stuff can easily work with you via email and phone, and provide the same support and creative design. If you can measure a wall, and email a photo, you can work with the best IKEA designers no matter where you live.

I hope you decide that expert support for your project from an experienced professional is indeed the best way to go. Even a small project on a tight budget is likely to get far better results (more “bang for the buck”) with expert guidance in planning. 

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