Increasing Home Value with IKEA Kitchens

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Kitchen remodels in the US cost, on average, $57,000.  In my years as a remodeling contractor specializing in IKEA kitchen projects, the average cost of an IKEA kitchen project was under $20,000, labor and materials. Some were under $10,000. And a few about $5000.

If you have read our eBook, How to Budget for an IKEA Kitchen Remodel, you can see how the costs break down.

However, a very important question comes to mind.  Immediate costs aside, how does an IKEA kitchen remodel compare with another type in regard to increasing home value?

One things we've learned is that it's easy to be short-sighted when you are facing a large project on a tight budget. You try to keep costs contained and sometimes, the choices you make seem frugal, but may not be.

Here are some ways to ensure that you add the most home value, for your kitchen remodel investment.

First, consider how you use the money you have to spend. IKEA cabinets are a great value, and if the kitchen is done well, no future buyer will consider them a compromise. But the key is, the kitchen has to be done well. Layout is a big factor. Tight walkways, inadequate counter space or storage, too many tall cabinets, not enough drawer space, or an awkwardly sized or placed island, are examples of layout errors that can degrade  the beauty and functionality of a kitchen and cost you thousands, or tens of thousands on a future home sale. As our happy clients tell us, skimping on expert design is a false economy.

Second, consider ways to use your money for the biggest "bang for the buck." For example, a few glass door cabinets with interior lighting, or just some task lighting under cabinets, can add a sophisticated look to any basic kitchen. A farmhouse sink and butcher block counters are modest-priced items that can create a style that is elegant and affordable.

Speaking of counter top, consider using your funds on better appliances, flooring and cabinet doors, while saving  on counters by installing nice laminates, for the time being. In a few years, it's easy to replace the laminate with solid surface counter top, such as Corian or Caesarstone. This can save you $3000 to $10,000 right now.

When you are planning your kitchen project, look to the long term, as well as the short term vision of a better kitchen for your family's use right now. IKEA kitchens, done well, may be the only type of remodel that gets a homeowner a return on investment. Make sure the kitchen is well-designed, include a few "sizzle" items in your budget, and use your available funds for higher quality permanent items and upgrade less permanent items down the road.

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