How To get IKEA Kitchen Sale Savings All Year

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Let's say you have 18 cabinets in your current kitchen, top and bottom. When you plan your remodel, your cabinet cost at IKEA might run, without sale discount and a mid-range door style like Adel, about $3500.

Let's add a solid surface countertop, like Caesarstone. Add $2800.

Also add in a cooktop, oven and hood, totaling $2300 for all three.

At this point your IKEA order comes to $9200.

Typical discounts offered during IKEA kitchen sales can vary but let's say you can get the maximum, 20%. That comes to $1,840 off your total!

Is it worth waiting for a sale to order? In most cases, yes, of course. But if your kitchen is small, or if you are not buying solid surface countertops or appliances at IKEA, the discount drops accordingly and sometimes time, or timing, is more important than money.

In every case, there is a way to save a significant amount of money on an IKEA kitchen remodel that is not dependent on their sales. In fact, this can be in addition to sale discounts.

The secret is in the cabinet layout. The IKEA planner tool you can use for free online is not the way to get the best kitchen for the lowest cost. There are half a hundred ways you can use IKEA cabinets that the planner tool will not allow you to do. The limitations are in the software itself, but a homeowner without kitchen design training and expertise is at a big disadvantage attempting to design their own layout even if more sophisticated software was available. The IKEA planner tool is offered to encourage you to buy IKEA cabinets. It does not ensure an optimal design or best kitchen for the buck.

The methods and means used by a professional kitchen designer using IKEA cabinetry go further, and better than anything you can do with the online tool. Correct placements, customized cabinets, creative solutions to odd angles or tight spaces, balance, alignment, flow, functionality, consideration of light sources, family size and age, and house size, all come into play.

A pro designer sees the future. He/she knows that someday your new kitchen will enthuse, or disappoint, a potential homebuyer, and ensures the former will occur.

A pro designer will surely keep you from making any major errors but also many small ones. The small errors, all together, make for a less than optimal, less elegant, and more costly result.

Why more costly? It's not that a professional design will necessarily reduce the number of cabinets, saving you money that way. It's that a kitchen cabinet layout, done right, will save you money (or even make you money):

1) on installation costs, because it will install correctly and you won't be paying your contractor's labor rates for adjustments.

2) on the time (= money) you spend ordering, fixing order errors, returning or shipping back incorrectly ordered parts.

3) on the value you get out of your remodeling investment.

4) on the resale or refinance value of your home (this is the best, or key reason to have your kitchen remodel professionally designed).

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