Professional KItchen Design Versus IKEA Planning Services

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It's come up several times lately. Someone will call and say that their local IKEA is offering a planning service for $199 or $250. Or the client has called an installation service IKEA referred them to that offered a $500 design service for $200 IF they use that company's installation services. Oy.

I've been working on IKEA kitchen projects for 10 years now. Over 500 kitchens that my remodeling company installed, plus thousands of IKEA kitchen designs my design team has done. I know something about this subject. So let me comment on these IKEA services.

First, the design of your new kitchen layout is THE key to a successful project. Second, kitchen design IS a professional skill. PLEASE don't make the mistake of thinking it's just a matter of lining up some cabinets and appliances that fit in a row in the IKEA online planner.

The MOST money you will spend (lose) is if you poorly design the layout. The installation can cause you or your contractor problems that cost time and money. The functionality of this brand new kitchen can be much less than optimal. Your investment should pay off in a wonderful kitchen, not a so-so kitchen, or one more or less exactly like the one you have.

Worst of all, since kitchens sell homes, a future home buyer will instantly notice a mediocre (or worse) kitchen layout. Too little storage, too little counter space, awkward placement of appliances, an unbalanced, choppy look to the lines of the kitchen, can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in the home's price.

In any case, if you've already realized that a small fee of a few hundred dollars for professional kitchen design is utterly worthwhile (or vital), you now have to choose which design service.

IKEA services are never going to provide professional NKBA certified designers (like we do). IKEA services will often provide a one-time, two or three hour in-home consultation during which the design is done. This is FAR from the best way. You need to see the initial design proposal, take a day or a week to review it, without anyone waiting for you, do some online research or shopping to see how various items would work with this layout. Then you want to request revisions or get questions answer and then request revisions. This MUST be part of any professional design process.

I surely have a vested interest. Let's face it, I want you to hire my company to do your kitchen design. I earn my living this way. But it is ALSO true, and if you read my blog posts written over 8 years many of which I didn't have a design company, that I have a major interest, a purpose you could say, in making sure your kitchen remodel is a complete success, and that you don't have the stress, wasted time and money, that happen all to often in kitchen remodeling projects. And that your kitchen layout is truly wonderful.

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