IKEA Kitchen Cabinets for New Construction

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We've done many IKEA kitchens for clients who were building a new house. The design process is a bit different than the process when we're designing for a remodel of an existing kitchen.

Typically, with new construction there is more of a blank slate for the designer to work with. Utilities are not yet in place, windows, and often doors, can still be positioned. The primary and key difference however is concept.

A kitchen designer called upon to create a kitchen for new construction has to envision as well as design. They have to come up with a concept and then create a cabinet layout. This is when an expert, professional kitchen designer, well-trained and very experienced, is invaluable.

If you have a new construction kitchen project, make sure you work with a very good kitchen designer. We are happy to help you with concept, design and cabinet layout issues. In fact, our Elite service is about this exactly.

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Susan Wain