Waiting for an IKEA Kitchen Sale

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In my experience, a lot of people who buy IKEA kitchen cabinets are smart and thrifty shoppers. With even cursory research, it's hard to miss the value, and many people spend months, even years, planning their projects, and researching products.

One factor in the thoughtful investment in an IKEA kitchen can be timing. This can relate to your family or work schedule. Some people want to remodel in summer. Others wait till they have vacation time. Some projects are dictated by finance, such as a rental remodel where you want to get the work done and the unit filled as soon as possible.

Overall, timing is as personal as a choice of colors. The one exception could be buying your IKEA materials (cabinets, countertop, and/or appliances) during one of their kitchen sales. I've written about this on several occasions but, given that the summer sale is over, and a fall sale likely to burst upon the scene in just a month or so, I wanted to mention some sale strategy.

First, waiting for a sale is not always worthwhile. There are different types of discounts offered during different sales. One structure is a discount based on total purchase, such as a 15% discount if you spend $3500, or a 20% discount if you spend $4500. Another structure could be based on how many appliances you buy, one gets you a 10% discount, two appliances earn you a 15% discount, or three a 20% discount. Sometimes using an IKEA card gets you a big rebate.

In other words, there are different offers. The recent summer 13 sale was based on the $3500/$4500 structure. A 20% discount on a $5000 purchase for a small kitchen, including solid surface countertop, is $1000 off. That's pretty worthwhile!

On the other hand, if, for example, you plan to order custom doors and to buy only frames/hardware from IKEA. You might only spend $1500 for your entire kitchen, in which case the sale just ended would be irrelevant.

Although IKEA does not announce sales weeks or months in advance, you can still assume there will be a fall sale mid-October to late November, a spring sale March through April, and probably a summer sale starting in July.

When you are planning out your project, try to wait for a sale to order, but consider this data and don't make the sale the top priority. A $1500 savings is very significant, but if ordering during a sale will make your life and project more stressful, wait a bit.

Note that in most cities, once you place the order (unless you are buying in-stock cabinets and taking them home with you in a truck), your delivery is likely to be within 2 weeks. That's another factor to consider. If you have a dry, indoor space to store the pallet or two of flat packed, heavy boxes, you can order any time. But IKEA won't hold your order very long and you don't want to risk getting your new components wet by storing them outdoors.

As with most aspects of IKEA kitchen projects, working with pros makes all the difference. When you have a correct and elegant layout professionally rendered, and a complete order list, down to the smallest components, ordering and receiving your materials is a lot more predictable. If you live far from an IKEA store, insofar as ordering, not to mention good design, this expert help is absolutely vital.

Write or call if you have questions. If you'd like to discuss this with me, I can offer you a free, 30-minute phone consultation. Here's my calendar, just pick a time that works for you.


Click here to request my free IKEA kitchen budgeting eBook