IKEA Countertop: Tip

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IKEA sells laminate and butcher block that are IKEA products. They also sell, store by store, more costly solid surface countertop, name brands that a third party company provides and installs on behalf of IKEA. In planning out your project. it is important to know how these materials are delivered and installed.

Laminates and butcher block are purchased in stock-sizes slabs, as much as will be needed for your kitchen layout. IKEA personnel can determine this at the time of ordering. These materials are delivered with the rest of your cabinets and other IKEA materials. Once the base cabinets are installed, the counter pieces are cut to fit, including a sink cut-out, and installed. You would want to stain/finish the butcher block yourself.

The amount of counter top you need is estimated when you order your cabinets from a layout that you provide. You pay for this with your cabinets. Installation is included in the price (at IKEA).

It is important to know that there are two steps to solid surface counter top installation, in most cases. First, once your base cabinets are in place (and leveled), the  counter top company will come to your home and make a TEMPLATE. A week or two later, they will return to your home to install the now-fabricated counter tops.

You have to make an APPOINTMENT for this template-making. Since you are likely to have a contractor or installer in your home at a fairly predictable time, it is often best to schedule this template appointment as soon as you pay for your materials.

In many places, there is a wait for a template appointment AND, often, you will have to wait one to two weeks AFTER the template is made for the counter top to be installed.

This takes some planning. You don't want to wait two weeks with nothing happening. Work it out with your installer/contractor so that you have the minimum down time.

The key is to know that:

1) you have to make an appointment for the template to be made, a step which cannot be done until the base cabinets are in place and leveled.

2) you will typically wait one to two weeks after the template is made for countertop installation

There are a few companies we've worked with who will template and fabricate and install solid surface counter top all in one day. They bring their cutting machines to your home. You have to have a space (front yard?) where they can cut. However, no IKEA store we have ever come across offers this type of service.

The price on solid surface countertop at IKEA, especially during a sale, can rarely be beat. But you do need to coordinate the template and installation of it with other aspects of your project.

Kitchen remodeling takes a week or 10 days only in the rarest of circumstances. Typical is 3-6 weeks, start to finish. Some projects take months to complete, but this is rare, too. Try to ensure the start date and time frame are noted on your contract with your installer/contractor.

(Request my free IKEA kitchen budgeting eBook)