Difficult Kitchens

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Some kitchens are easy to design for a remodel. You could love the footprint and layout of your existing kitchen and you simply need a bit of help to create a similar layout with IKEA cabinets.

But let's say your kitchen is woefully inadequate insofar as counter space or storage. Maybe you are removing a wall or changing the space in some other way but maybe you can't do either of these things and you simply need to create a better kitchen with the same kitchen dimensions.

The answer is, you need a kitchen designer. Here's where the skill and experience ad kitchen designer brings to your project can make a huge difference.

In any given kitchen, there are always several, if not many, ways to arrange components. Even if you can't move the appliances, if venting is fixed, if the space involved is so small it seems impossible to do anything creative, leave the problem to a talented kitchen designer and you'll be amazed.

Experienced kitchen designers have seen, and created, hundreds, if not thousands, of kitchens. IKEA kitchen designers (like the ones who work for my clients) also, also, also,  really know IKEA products and how to use their kitchen components to solve any spatial problem, any storage issue, any requirement your kitchen presents.

Kitchen designers are also good when the homeowners themselves have disparate views. Wife wants one thing, husband another. Even different views on the actual budget can come into play. A kitchen designer can sort out the issues, present a stable, expert viewpoint, and can synthesize solutions from disparate viewpoints.

One of the best ways a kitchen designer could help you is to provide you with more than one initial design to consider. This can sometimes break through a stuck point. For example, let's say there is a wall that you are considering removing. But whether or not it's load bearing, or whether the cost of removing it is warranted, hangs up your progress with the project. Having a designer join your remodeling team can be an enormous help because he/she can provide you with design options for both scenarios--if you remove the wall or if you don't. This can sometimes save you thousands of dollars because it could be that you like the design WITH the wall more than the other. That's right, it can happen when you have a good designer who really is on your team.


(Request my free IKEA kitchen budgeting eBook)