METOD: More data

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For people planning a kitchen remodel with IKEA cabinets, the subject of METOD is a hot one. This new line of IKEA kitchen cabinets has been introduced in some European countries this past year, and is due to arrive in the UK in spring 2014 and the US, probably, in fall 2014. It is unlikely that we'll see METOD in the US this spring so if you are planning a remodel for the coming months, you can move forward.

Many people with IKEA kitchens will wonder about the 25 year warranty on their cabinets. If the frame system AKURUM, is being replaced with METOD, how will IKEA replace cabinets? The data I have is that AKURUM system components will continue to be available for two years after the METOD system is released. However, METOD and AKURUM parts will not work together: different sizes and structural components. In any case, I have seen 15 year old IKEA kitchens in perfect condition (interiors) so there's not a lot to worry about in any case. It's like a warranty on a new car. It just doesn't break for the first few years.

Having looked over European, and having worked on many hundreds of of IKEA kitchens, I don't think the METOD system is hugely better, aesthetically, than the AKURUM system. I think it's probably a better system for IKEA in some way, although I can see how the smaller cabinets can give us more flexibility, especially in small or angled spaces.

For US customers planning a remodel this spring, it's worth a call or trip to your local IKEA to ask IKEA kitchen personnel directly about the release of the METOD system.

Here are some photos of METOD kitchens, all from IKEA Europe.

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