IKEA Kitchen Projects During the Winter

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Winter can be a surprisingly good time to remodel a kitchen, in cold climates even. People get so busy with the holidays that the resources for kitchen remodeling become more readily available, and you have negotiating power with both contractors and materials suppliers that you don't have during their busier seasons.

January and February can be slow seasons for contractors so some of the best ones are available for smaller kitchen projects. Likewise, for those who love finding bargains, major appliances can go on sale and there can be really nice floor models to be found, as well.

Tile stores are other quiet spots in winter. Look for discounts. Sometimes you can hire an artisan tile setter through a tile store for very reasonable rates in slower seasons. Backsplash tile can add so much to an IKEA kitchen remodel that if you can find quality tile and have it installed by skilled hands, your finished kitchen can really be over the top, as they say.

Come March, there is usually another IKEA kitchen sale. If you plan your project in January, contract the project in February, you can order your cabinets as soon as the sale starts and have a finished kitchen by the time many other homeowners who waited for the spring sale even get started on planning.

The sales at IKEA are only worth waiting for under certain circumstances. Often, time is more valuable than the few hundred bucks you save. Scheduling the project for an optimal time can be a much greater advantage. Also, if you have a small kitchen, or will be buying appliances and countertop elsewhere, or if you are buying custom doors for IKEA frames, the total you spend at IKEA might be too low to earn any sale discount (there is a minimum purchase, typically $3500).

Anyway, consider a winter project. What else do you have on your calendar in January-February?


(Request my free IKEA kitchen budgeting eBook)