IKEA Kitchen Sale Spring 2014: Getting Ready

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Winter can be a good time for a kitchen remodel, in some cases. Contractors can have time on their hands, so labor costs can be lower and projects can be done faster. It's also pretty quiet at IKEA because there are no kitchen sales in Jan-Feb, in the US. You can window shop the store displays more easily, and pick out items you really like. I recommend taking photos of the items you like at IKEA so that if you work with a kitchen design company like mine, you'll be able to communicate what it is you really would like very easily. This tip isn't limited to IKEA. If you see a sink or appliance or even an arrangement of cabinets at Lowes, take a photo. For your designer, as they say, it's worth 1000 words.

In winter you can also prepare for a project you plan to do in the spring or summer. We can safely assume there will be an IKEA kitchen sale in the US starting in early March. If you are waiting for this sale, start your planning now, and start the design phase in early February. Call or write if you want to know about our professional IKEA kitchen design services.

Even before design, there is a planning phase. You could say this entire blog was written to help with planning. Get a copy of my IKEA kitchen budgeting eBook (free) and work out cost estimates for your project. Always keep in mind that labor is likely to be the same as materials. In other words, if you see a store display kitchen at IKEA with a $6,000 price tag, you'll probably need $12,000-$15,000 to turn your kitchen into one like it. So watch out for those IKEA price tags.

Sometimes, you can do some of the prep for kitchen remodel months ahead of time. For example, if you have an older home, find out the size of your electrical panel. A modern home needs 200amps. If you have a 100 amp panel, you might to need to upgrade it as part of your kitchen remodel.
Figuring this out now, and getting this work done ahead  of time, can be easier than having it done along with the remodel. Get an estimate or two from reliable electricians for replacing an old panel and doing any necessary rewiring.

You can also get bids for your project while you await the sale. About 100% of kitchen contractors (that's an approximate number...) will discourage you from using IKEA cabinets.

1) there is no wholesale line at IKEA. Contractors cannot get a discount so there's no profit for them in IKEA cabinets. They prefer to sell you a brand they can buy wholesale.

2) IKEA cabinets come flat-packed and require some expertise to assemble and install quickly. A contractor without IKEA kitchen experience is going to balk at a huge pile of flat, heavy boxes with pseudo-Swedish names and codes on them that have to be sorted out and assembled, before they can be mounted. Consider hiring a trusted general contractor to do your project, except for the cabinet installation. Hire an IKEA expert installer just for that part. Do your research and get bids in winter, and you'll find a good contractor who can agree to this happily.

More later this week. Rest assured, the sale is coming.


(Request my free IKEA kitchen budgeting eBook)