Preview of IKEA Metod Kitchen Cabinets (PHOTOS)

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As you may have heard, in this blog or elsewhere, IKEA is replacing the current Akurum system of cabinets with a new system, named Metod.The exact release date in the US is estimated to be late 2014 or spring 2015, but there is no official or confirmed data on that from IKEA

If you plan to do your kitchen in the next few months, 2014, you can use Akurum confidently. It is pretty rare to need an extra part or two years after you install your kitchen. And you may not even like the Metod system.

Years ago, IKEA introduced the Akurum in the same way, with mystery and a gradual release around the world. Parts remained available for the old system for awhile. Ultimately, it just is the way is and only if you fall in love with something Metod and decide to wait, are you caught up in a waiting game.

To get an idea of the difference between Akurum and Metod-based kitchens, you can view the Metod line on IKEA websites for countries where Metod has been released. Because it is written in English, the best I've found is IKEA Egypt.

I am sure you will enjoy looking over the photos.