The IKEA Kitchen Sale Begins! (in the US)

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Unlike with the release of the first iPad or newest iPhone, there probably won't be a line outside IKEA in the early morning hours. But that doesn't mean that many people have not waited for the sale start tomorrow. The savings on a typical kitchen purchase (cabinets, counter top and/or appliances) can be worth waiting for if you plan to remodel your kitchen (or other areas of your house) with IKEA kitchen cabinets.

The one tip I can offer tonight is to get your planning (by which I mean contractor bids and kitchen design) before you go into IKEA. Don't be one of those homeowners sitting wretchedly at the IKEA computer workstations trying to design your dream kitchen, the one you've waited for, worked hard to afford or just need desperately for one reason or another. Get the design and sort out the costs before you go to order.

I have ordered many IKEA kitchens. I have spent entire days at the Burbank store,  in which my first cell phones simply did not work, trying to place an order which was incomplete, where measurements were uncertain, where what and how much of various cabinet components had not been specified in advance. Where I still had to decide between cabinet fittings, door fronts, trim. Where the help of an IKEA salesperson seemed to be least available when I had the most need, the most money on the table, and was the most tired of the whole thing 8pm.

Although my design team works for elegant, optimal design solutions for our clients' IKEA kitchens, we also make sure that these issues are sorted out, optimized, organized, before they go to order. We make sure their plan is correct, will fit, will work, is a beautiful, symmetrical, stylish, warm, contemporary and welcoming space for their lives.

We send them off at the end of the design process with a complete order list. Every cabinet, every panel, every door, drawer front, handle and knob. All neatly listed. And uploaded to the IKEA computer system so that most of it is already typed in when they arrive to the store. Do you know how long it can take a young IKEA co-worker, as they are called, to type in an entire kitchen order?

I am bragging, I am trying to point out an extra benefit of investing in professional design. But if you've been reading my blog, you already know.

Today, one day pre-sale. I looked over three plans that clients had draw up in the IKEA online planner. All three knew they could not move forward with the ambiguous fit, troubling asymmetry, and inelegance of their IKEA planner draft. One told me she felt the IKEA planner was a disservice because it limits and regulates the creativity needed to design a truly wonderful kitchen using IKEA's truly wonderful cabinets

The sale starts tomorrow, it lasts almost 8 weeks. The steps to do an IKEA kitchen are written in this blog, so read the articles that interest you. I wrote them to make it easier. If you want help with your layout or just have questions, I continue to offer all my blog readers a free 30-minute phone consultation for at least the next few weeks.

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