IKEA Kitchen Sale Tips about Designing with the Home Planner and then Ordering

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A lot of homeowners wait for the IKEA kitchen sale and the Spring sale is most popular among those. It's timing the project to coincide with warmer weather, I suspect. Or possibly after a winter indoors in an old kitchen, they just have to get into action.

In any case, I have talked to many people in the first two weeks of the current US sale, as well as many in Canada where their IKEA kitchen sale ends the 24th of March. I've looked at photos of kitchens in various states of disrepair, from really quite nice to nearly destroyed. I have also looked at many IKEA Home Planner drafts that homeowners sent me to review, and I feel obligated to offer some tips for anyone trying to base their remodel on an IKEA Home Planner design.

As I've written elsewhere, I completely biased. I own an IKEA kitchen design company so, of course, I am always pitching professional design services. But if you saw what I see, the mediocre, or even terrible or unsafe layouts some do in the Home Planner, you would convince everyone you knew of the true value of professional kitchen design for IKEA kitchen projects.

First, it is important to know that the online planner is FREE, and you get what you pay for. The purpose of the planner is to sell IKEA cabinets, it is not to design an elegant, optimal layout for a remodel.

Second, the planner will allow you to place cabinets in ways that won't install correctly, and, worse, will NOT allow you to place them in many elegant and optimal ways. It's software limitations mainly, but also consider that I work with professional kitchen designers who know how to do things by training and experience, that most of us just don't realize are possible and beautiful.

Third, the list that the Home Planner generates is far from complete for any given layout you have drafted. It's another software limitation. Even if you meticulously place cover panels and trim, the chances are more than 100% that there are parts you'll need that are not listed. This means that when you go to the store to order, you'll be waiting in line, and waiting in line some more, for an IKEA staff person to help complete your plan and list. Talk about stress on a $7000+ purchase!

This is off topic, but I wanted to mention that kitchen remodeling IS a pretty stressful activity. A lot of emotion can come into it, even if you have the money and the time. Unfortunately, to remodel your kitchen you are going to need the help of others, whether contractors, tile settings, IKEA sales people, designers, plumbers, permit offer people, electricians. delivery people, etc. etc. Given that on earth at this time, a considerable percentage of people don't consider being on time to be important. not to mention doing what they promised to do, kitchen remodeling, dependent on at least SOME of these people, is stressful. Take B vitamins during the entire process.

Back to topic, let's say you created a layout in the Home Planner and you feel somewhat confident it will work. It looks OK, it seems to fit. Can you order it and do your project? Yes. SHOULD you order it and do your project? NO. "OK design: and "somewhat confident it will fit" are the formulae for disaster. For projects that tale 7 months to install and are not really a lot better than what you started with.

People: kitchen design is a professional skill. You want , with your IKEA cabinets, the elegance you see in magazines but at an affordable price. You want a smooth installation in which all factors were predicted pretty darn well.

Let's consider ordering by phone. Is it possible? Maybe. It depends. Some have done it. It's not easy or guaranteed, but if you have a COMPLETE order list, it can be done. But wait with the Home Planner there is no complete order list. So, if you are set on using your Home Planner design, go to the store to order. That is a big tip.

With our professional services, the designer creates a complete order list for every client, with product codes. Our clients waltz into IKEA, bypass the moaning hordes of people with Home Planner lists, slap their complete lists on the counter and demand to be sold just those things. No discussion required. Ah, what a better way to go.

One last thing to mention today. The US sale ends on the 27th. If you are, wisely, going to consider professional design services (my company's or any other comparable, is fine), don't wait till a week before the sale ends. Our service has no time limit and it's a process not a one shot design. In fact, any service that designs your kitchen in 4 hours is worrisome to me. I create things, sleep on them, and always have new ideas the next day.

Anyway, if you want to order during the current sale, which in the US ends April 27, or in Canada March 24, let's get started. You want that perfect design, complete confidence, and complete order list before the last few days of the sale. The hordes get more stressed, less patient and bigger, as the sales draw to an end.

Call me, go to my calendar to schedule a time to talk. I am happy to help you.