IKEA Kitchens for Beginners

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I decided to write down some basic basics about IKEA kitchen projects. If this data seems obvious and useless to you, go back to a more "advanced" posts, for example about choosing a contractor or layout tips. I don't mean to "dumb down" kitchen remodeling with IKEA cabinets, but it has come to my attention that quite a few people have never remodeled a kitchen, don't know much about IK

The most basic thing to know is that you are simply buying some cabinets from IKEA. An IKEA kitchen somehow suggests that the IKEA company is going to be involved with the remodeling of your kitchen. This is an inaccurate foundation on which to base your project. You simply want (if you do) to buy cabinets from IKEA, because, for the price, they are the best product on the market.

In my experience, it is usually a mistake to involve IKEA, or considering involving IKEA, in your remodeling project any further than as a source of cabinets. That is to say, don't assume that store will NECESSARILY provide any of the other materials or labor you will need to complete your project, such as measuring for the design, installing the cabinets or appliances, designing the layout, removing the old cabinets, etc.

IKEA sells great kitchen cabinets. The countertops and appliances sold there are also good. However, IKEA is not a remodeling company/contractor. A remodeling contractor is needed for a kitchen remodel, unless you plan to do all the labor yourself. IKEA does offer some basic services (as opposed to materials) but these are far from the best options for the labor part of your project. I've explained why I feel this way, in other posts.

In order to buy cabinets at IKEA, you have to have a kitchen layout. You can't walk into the store and ask to buy some cabinets. The layout defines which cabinets, the sizes and styles, that you will need and want. Whereas there are computers with a basic layout program on them in all IKEA kitchen departments, and whereas sometimes you can get a bit of help from store staff to string together a layout, it is far from the best way.

It is also not a good idea to use IKEA planning services or any designer who comes out to your house and sits with you for 5 hours to design your kitchen. I have worked on hundreds of IKEA kitchen projects and thousands of designs, and it is absolutely necessary to design a draft for a client, have them provide feedback to enable an initial design to be created, and to give the client TIME, between versions and revisions, to consider options, talk things over with family members, shop, etc. Doing an entire design in one afternoon is a high pressure situation that you really don't want.

Not to mention, the IKEA services person is using the same free online software you can use yourself and that is so limited, so full of software bugs, that your finished kitchen will, to a greater or lesser degree, look like, and function like, it was designed with bad software.

Buy IKEA cabinets. Find a designer and a contractor that are not affiliated with IKEA. The one except might be using the service IKEA refers you to for installing the cabinets. They are very fast and usually very good. But don't hire them to do demo, electrical, plumbing, etc. Hire a licensed, insured, bonded general contractor who is familiar with IKEA cabinets. That's the best way.

More later.

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