When is the Next IKEA Kitchen Sale?

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This is the big question right now. I get asked a few times each day by people who call for design services. Most realize it's a good idea to get their planning and design done ahead of time, but knowing when the sale prices will next be available is important to many.

IKEA doesn't announce sales until it announces sales. In some stores, staff will tell you what they know, but it's often kept hushed up.

Historically, in the US, there's a fall sale in October/November and a Spring sale in March/April. Usually there is a summer sale, too. It's often shorter. Sometimes the discount structure is different than it was in the Spring sale (10% for purchases (cabinets, countertops, appliances are included) of $3500, 20% if you spend $4500.

Is there going to be a sale in July? Probably. Should you get your planning started so that you are ready? Definitely. It's better to place your order at the beginning of a sale, than at the end. It's really stressful to be planning and designing 5 days before a sale is over!

A good design process can't be done in one day. Even if IKEA will send someone to your house to do it all in a few hours, that's not a professional service. It takes a few weeks to draft, review, revise and polish a kitchen design. If you want an elegant, optimal layout, creatively designed and a joy to use when finished, spend some time sorting out all the details, confirming the sizes and styles and options you really want.


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