IKEA Kitchen FALL Sale 2014

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The summer 2014 IKEA kitchen sale is drawing to an end. But that's ok, a fall sale is on its way.

It's never a good idea to rush a kitchen remodel. We've had clients call a week before a sale end wanting help with design. We used to try to help but we've gotten smarter. It's a kind of disservice to assume a homeowner can make all the choices and do a good job planning and designing a new kitchen in just a few days.

That's not to say some can. Some know exactly what they want, some feel the sale discount and timing is more important than the details. And that's ok. But the professional designers on my team don't do as well under pressure. Kitchen remodeling is not an emergency subject, even if it has to be done quickly in some circumstances.

Anyway, if you feel bad that you missed the sale, there's another one every year starting in early October. This is actually a great time to start planning for a fall remodel. If we can help, write or call. You can use the link below to access my online calendar and schedule a time to talk.


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