The New Sektion Line

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The introduction of the new SEKTION line is just around the corner (Feb. 2, 2015). The new SEKTION kitchen cabinet line has all the great features you expect from award-winning IKEA kitchen cabinets. Pricing is even comparable.

But the new line has more modular and glass door options with which we can customize your new kitchen. SEKTION offers more drawer sizes and types, more storage space within cabinets, and integrated handles and lighting options.

The IKEA appliance line is also new and SEKTION offers more ways to integrate a dishwasher into your cabinet design, including hiding it entirely. 

All the details of the new line for North American customers, exact styles, options and pricing, will be available in your local store and online on February 2, but not before. We've been designing kitchens with the new system for our European clients (released last year and called METOD in Europe). It's not VERY different but we'll all have to get used to it. 

To be at the front of the line for a new SEKTION kitchen, you'll want a completed design ASAP. It's going to be BUSY at IKEA!

You are welcome to schedule a FREE consultation, get your questions answered, get ideas, and feel confident. I'm happy to help you.


Data Needed to Design a New Kitchen

Collecting Data for Design

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A kitchen design or a kitchen designer need data about your kitchen to create a truly optimal design. The completeness of the data you collect and provide is a key factor in determining how long your design process will take. It's easy to do however.Or get a pro to measure, that's fine, too. 

1) Measuring the kitchen. All kitchen design is based on measurements. Measure and mark down each wall section, from a corner or edge to the next corner or edge. Note down where the doors and windows are and how wide and tall they are, how far off the floor for windows. If walls are being removed or windows moved, precise design requires the measurements as they WILL be. If some aspects are not certain but you need to start the design work, let the designer know.

2) Take lots of photos. The designer needs to see the details of your kitchen. Don't worry about how the kitchen looks! We're looking at these photos differently. Take photos of each and every aspect, even inside cabinets if there's plumbing hidden within. Do this during daylight hours for best results.

Our design service provides a DESIGN QUESTIONNAIRE. This also helps to clarify your preferences. You can use it even if you aren't going to use our service. I'm happy to share. Look for a REVISED version once the SEKTION line is introduced. Or write me and I'll email it to you.


FREE 30-minute IKEA kitchen planning consultation

Goodbye AKURUM. Helloooo SEKTION!

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Although it hasn't been released in the US or Canada YET, there IS a lot of excitement about the new line. Have you looked at the European websites that show the METOD line (that's what SEKTION is called in Europe, the metric version)?

I don't know EXACTLY which options will be available in North America, it's never EXACTLY the same as European offerings, but you can see the new features and even those of use with nice kitchens wish it were time to remodel! Yes, even me.

I love the drawers in the upper cabinets! I love narrow drawers! I love the new glass doors!

Twenty-one more long days till SEKTION is released.

In regard to design, we have some wonderful ideas for clients. We've been doing METOD kitchens for quite awhile but our US and Canadian friends and clients have bigger spaces to work with, and those with small, urban or condo kitchens are ALSO going to be thrilled.

I'll be updating my blog more often in coming weeks. Can't help it.

As a note. we are accepting clients for SEKTION design starting Monday, January 19th. It's a waiting list, and first come first served for SEKTION design work in February.

Expect your local store to be pretty busy, if not the first week, soon after. We've got many US and Canadian clients just waiting, waiting, waiting, for the release.

Write me if you have anything to say, to add, or any questions. Or schedule a free consultation to sort out other kitchen remodeling issues in the meantime.

We're all waiting together!


FREE 30-minute IKEA kitchen planning consultation

While Waiting for Sektion

(Request my free eBook, How to Budget for an IKEA Kitchen Remodel)


It's not surprising that many people are waiting till February to start their kitchen projects. The new line, SEKTION, will be unveiled in stores across North America in early February. If you've been to an IKEA store recently, you found that the Akurum cabinet displays have been removed and most IKEA kitchen departments are under complete renovation.

Here are some ideas to use your holiday time to forward your project anyway.

Whether or not you plan to use our professional IKEA kitchen design services, you will need complete and correct measurements of the kitchen. Measure any adjoining spaces unless the kitchen is entirely enclosed. For example, if the kitchen will be open to a family room or dining room, or if there is a pass-thru window to those or other areas of the house, include the measurements of the adjacent room. Don't forget ceiling height(s).

You don't have to use IKEA appliances. And you'll surely want to look at other sources of counter tops or flooring or backsplash tile. Paint, too. If you find great appliances on sale, buy them! You can use any appliances with IKEA cabinets (and any counter tops, too).

Look online and in print magazines for photos of kitchens you like. Often those photos are shot in a studio and the cabinets cost 3-5 times what your IKEA cabinets will cost. However, with good design you can create almost any type of kitchen using IKEA cabinets. So clip those photos, save those favorite images, and once you start the design process, send them to your designer with a note that says, "this is what I like."

This is also a good time to check out 3rd party options, i.e., custom doors or cabinet fittings. For example, you can check out Dunsmuir or Semi-Handmade doors for IKEA cabinets. Or look over Rev-A-Shelf options which can be added to IKEA cabinets.

We offer a free 30-minute consultation, another way to forward your project during January.

FREE 30-minute IKEA kitchen planning consultation

I wish you a great year and a beautiful new kitchen!