Goodbye AKURUM. Helloooo SEKTION!

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Although it hasn't been released in the US or Canada YET, there IS a lot of excitement about the new line. Have you looked at the European websites that show the METOD line (that's what SEKTION is called in Europe, the metric version)?

I don't know EXACTLY which options will be available in North America, it's never EXACTLY the same as European offerings, but you can see the new features and even those of use with nice kitchens wish it were time to remodel! Yes, even me.

I love the drawers in the upper cabinets! I love narrow drawers! I love the new glass doors!

Twenty-one more long days till SEKTION is released.

In regard to design, we have some wonderful ideas for clients. We've been doing METOD kitchens for quite awhile but our US and Canadian friends and clients have bigger spaces to work with, and those with small, urban or condo kitchens are ALSO going to be thrilled.

I'll be updating my blog more often in coming weeks. Can't help it.

As a note. we are accepting clients for SEKTION design starting Monday, January 19th. It's a waiting list, and first come first served for SEKTION design work in February.

Expect your local store to be pretty busy, if not the first week, soon after. We've got many US and Canadian clients just waiting, waiting, waiting, for the release.

Write me if you have anything to say, to add, or any questions. Or schedule a free consultation to sort out other kitchen remodeling issues in the meantime.

We're all waiting together!


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