First Thoughts on SEKTION

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After a decade working with the AKURUM system, and a relatively small number of European METOD projects relative to the thousands of AKURUM designs and, earlier, installations, I've worked on, I thought I'd be sour on a new system. It's just me, suspicious of arbitrary changes, of commercial upgrades that are more for profit than for people.

But after a hands-on look at my local IKEA, I have to admit I am impressed. True, I miss some of my favorite Akurum door styles, but there are nice new ones to replace them and custom doors are available from lots of places. 

But this small "con" is made up for 10 times over by the new sizes, new options, drawers-within-drawers, and, oddly, the new kitchen catalog which really shows you what's what, complex though that may be. 

The door style issue is just that I loved a few of the older door styles and the newer, less "wood-y" and more veneer-y look doesn't suit my own sense of style. But that's just me. 

I am flabbergasted by the drawers-within-drawers options, as you can now really make a kitchen perfectly suited to how you use it, how you cook, how you store things. Keep in mind that SEKTION is built on a European model where the cabinets are moved when you move. So beware of creating a finicky storage system that might not suit a future home buyer. 

It remains true that a homeowner needs help to design a good SEKTION layout, more than ever. The new choices mean different issues and I found the staff at my local IKEA still learning the new system themselves and too busy, as they often are, to thoroughly answer my questions. 

Keep in mind that a lot of people waited for the new line so IKEA and IKEA resources are particularly busy right now. 

My company is designing SEKTION kitchens and although we too have to incorporate the many new features, as our clients figure out which they prefer, the results are really wonderful. 


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