Get the New IKEA SEKTION and IKEA Kitchen Catalogs

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The new line has some truly wonderful features we are starting to love. But as we get used to them, and put them to use, there's more work to planning an elegant layout than there was with AKURUM. There are just more choices. Make sure you have the new catalogs when you start your planning process.

Here are links to them if you are far from a store (where you can get paper copies, recommended):

SEKTION Cabinets Catalog

IKEA Kitchen Appliances Catalog

IKEA Countertop, Sinks and Faucets Catalog

The kitchen design process is a communication process. Our method is to collect data (as complete and precise as possible) and have the designer prepare a draft kitchen layout, a proposal of an optimal arrangement, given the client's space resources and preferences.

That draft is the starting point. The designer uses design principles and experience to determine what will work,  and what will look best. But we need the client's feedback on this draft.

So then we revise, and we return the design to the client so he/she can see what the requested changes look like. Now we're getting close. It's time to consider details.

This is where the new line stretches the design process a bit. There are so many choices as to drawers, especially. But also glass door options, accent doors, open cabinets. Drawers within drawers.

These things are so personal–how a client might use a given drawer or set of drawers, that the designer needs to know what the client wants. It becomes necessary for any design process for the client to have and study the options–the new IKEA kitchen cabinet catalog.

I highly recommend, if you are or will be planning an IKEA kitchen, to get yourself a copy of the catalog. In fact, there are several for kitchen, one for appliances, one for countertops/sinks/faucets, and, the key, the one for cabinets. That cabinet catalog has detailed charts in the back showing ALL the cabinet options.

It is very hard to get the details as you want them if you don't have a catalog. The IKEA website has a lot of data but you can't search for a cabinet by code, and that is how the design work shows each cabinet, with the IKEA code.

Our designers really want to create a wonderful, elegant and optimal kitchen for our clients. To do this is a team process, designer and client. The client needs to know what IKEA has to offer in the SEKTION line so as to work best with the designer.


It's a bit more complex to design an IKEA kitchen than it seems, perhaps more so now with the fabulous new SEKTION line. The Home Planner just isn't the right tool for many projects and for most homeowners. If you would like some help, or even if you just have questions, I offer my readers a free, 30-minute phone consultation. Let's talk!

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