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Our clients from around the U.S. Typically provide a good survey of what's happening with IKEA and kitchens. The word is that becaus of low inventory of some doors and some appliance, there will be no summer 2015 IKEA kitchen sale. 
We we know this will be a bummer for many but experience tells me that most will proceed with their projects and look for cost savings in other aspects of their projects.
keep in mind that IKEA still has a fabulous product at a great price. Look for appliance sales elsewhere, and realize that in non-sale periods you might be able to find less costly LABOR, sine IKEA installed are less busy.
as I have written elsewhere, you can proceed with planning and design without a sale deadline. Yes, your materials will cost a bit more, but often in the scope of a full remodel, the savings just isn't worth the time pressure. Sometimes just buying what you really want, on sale or not, is the best way to proceed, and the best way to create a truly wonderful kitchen.
i love bargains As much as anyone, but a kitchen remodel, like other major purchases, is worth doing beautifully, and spending a bit more for the long haul. 

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