Tips on Preparing and Installing IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

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Although some people wait for a sale, it's often better to schedule a kitchen remodel for a time when it's more convenient. Unlike many other suppliers of kitchen cabinets, IKEA delivers very quickly once you order, within a week or two usually. Check with your local store for their timeframe.

Because of this amazing fast delivery, you will want to have your project ready to go, in most cases. If you have a dry garage in which to store the huge pile of  heavy, flat-packed boxes you will receive, you can do so. But for many, this isn't an option. You need to be ready to install your cabinets when they arrive.

What does this take? Just planning. You'll want to find and hire (contract with) a local kitchen contractor who is familiar with iKEA cabinets to prepare the kitchen. This can involve a week or two or more of work. Demo (removing the old stuff), wall repair, electrical upgrades or changes, wall changes, flooring, and other aspects can take a week or  few months. Unless you aren't living in the house, you want to plan well to minimize the time you are without a kitchen. Expect three weeks with the best planning. It can be more, so you might want to note the timeframe in your contract with the contractor and that there is a small penalty for each day he runs over the finish date.

Flooring can be installed after the cabinets, which can save money on flooring materials and labor. The  IKEA toekick of the cabinet goes in last to hide the line where the flooring ends.

Electrical work should be done before the cabinets go up, of course. Possibly any wall repair can be done alongside electrical. Again, it's a matter of planning with your contractor and other labor.

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